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Follow our tutorial for easy to make kids' masks that are more breathable than store-bought ones!


With the new restrictions requiring kids to wear masks from the age of 6 we wanted to share our tutorial on making breathable kids' masks. The children’s masks I have been able to buy for my daughter have either been made with fabrics that are too scratchy, get too hot or are not well designed for little faces. I’m not a fan of the disposable variety for their ECO impact, neither are they child-sized so they have little or no protective factor. I have seen many parents having to tie knots in the elastic to get them to stay on. So, I set out to design a mask for my daughter using the soft jersey fabric from some little summer dresses that had become too short. The inspiration for the design came from the Olson Mask Pattern by Clayton Skousen & Rose Hedges, but I have greatly simplified it and now the only resemblance is the curve that becomes the mouth covering. I would go as far as to say it is super easy and even someone with limited sewing experience would be able to make it. The only fiddly bit is sewing the elastic onto the fabric and after a few failed attempts where the cotton kept getting knotted up, I decided to use a piece of normal printer paper as a stabilizer behind that worked a treat and which I then tore off afterwards. With the fabric I had left I have drawn up the pattern for you and it can be downloaded for free here on the Enfants D’Azur website. 

Materials needed

Fabric – A fat quarter makes 1. ½ a yard makes 3 masks. I would recommend soft breathable fabrics. I used old jersey dresses now too small for my daughter 

Elastic – 2 Pieces 15 cm each. I used 3 mm but 5 mm wide works too. 

A cutting board 

Roller cutter or scissors 

A ruler 

The Enfants D’Azur Mask Pattern (Print .pdf at 100%) 

Picture 1

Here is how I did it: 


STEP 1: Using the Pattern, cut out 2 Left Pattern Pieces and 2 Right Pattern Pieces. 

Picture 2
Picture 3

STEP 2: Place them right side together and sew around the curve.

Picture 4
Picture 5

STEP 3: Cut 2 pieces of elastic 15 cm each and sew them securely to the 1 side of the fabric.  

Picture 6

STEP 4: Place the 2 pieces of fabric right side together tuck in the elastic and pin together. 

Picture 7

STEP 5: Sew all the way around the Edge of the fabric. Take care not to sew the elastic into the seam. Remember to leave a small hole 2 cm so you can turn the mask right-side out. 

STEP 6: Sew the hole closed using top stitch… et Voila!!

Picture 8
Picture 10

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