Witchy & Wonderful: Top 10 Halloween Activities for Little Ghouls on the French Riviera and in Monaco

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Witchy & Wonderful: Top 10 Halloween Activities for Little Ghouls on the French Riviera and in Monaco

By Platinum Nanny

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Are you ready for a bewitching Halloween adventure on the stunning French Riviera and in glamorous Monaco? Families with young children living in this enchanting region, along with stay-at-home parents, nannies, and childcarers with an eye for spooky fun, listen up! Platinum Nanny, your go-to bespoke recruitment agency for top-notch private domestic staff, has concocted a spellbinding list of 10 Halloween activities to delight kids aged 2 to 14. These ghostly gatherings are not only spine-tingling but also budget-friendly and perfect for our cool clientele. 🕸️🎃

  1. Eerie Treasure Hunt:

Set up a ghoulish treasure hunt around your home or garden, and let the little ones embark on a quest to find hidden “skeleton keys” leading to treasure chests filled with spooky surprises. It’s a perfect way for parents and nannies to engage in some thrilling teamwork. 💀🔑


  1. Pumpkin Picasso:

Host a pumpkin carving extravaganza where kids can transform pumpkins into spooktacular masterpieces. Encourage creativity and provide paints, glitter, and googly eyes for a gory and gleeful mess! 🎨🎃


  1. Haunted Movie Night:

Turn your home into a cinema of the macabre with age-appropriate Halloween classics like “Casper” or “Hotel Transylvania.” Set the mood with dimmed lights and prepare popcorn with a sinister twist. 🍿👻

  1. Mummy Wrap Relay:

This is a race against time! Divide the kids into teams and let them mummify one of their team members using toilet paper. The fastest team with the creepiest mummy wins a spooky prize. 🧟‍♂️🏁

  1. Witches’ Potion Lab:

Gather jars, colourful fruit juices, and bubbling dry ice to create a bewitching science lab. Let the kids concoct their own “potions” with safe and edible ingredients. An eerie experience for your little wizards! 🧪🧙‍♀️


  1. Monster Mash Dance-Off:

Crank up the music and encourage the kids to get their groove on as they dance like mummies, zombies, or other spooky creatures. Let their imagination run wild on the dance floor! 🎶💃🕺

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  1. Spooky Story Circle:

Gather around a campfire (or a safe fire pit) for spine-tingling storytelling. Encourage each child to contribute to a collaborative ghost story – who knows what eerie tales will unfold? 🔥📚

  1. Bobbing for Apples:

A classic Halloween game that never gets old! Fill a large tub with water, float apples, and watch the kids bob for them. A fun and messy activity that they’ll love. 🍏💦

  1. Costume Parade:

Host a costume parade and competition. Let kids show off their spookiest, wackiest, or most creative costumes. Prizes for the scariest and silliest outfits will make this parade a blast! 🧛‍♂️👸

  1. Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt:

Set up a mini trick-or-treat hunt in your home, hiding sweets and treats in unexpected places. The kids can follow clues to find their Halloween goodies. 🍬🍭

Author: Platinum Nanny & Bespoke Private Staff is here to ensure you have the time and the support you need, to create these magical Halloween memories with your little ones. Whether you need a nanny, tutor, or household staff, we’ve got the right candidate for you. Contact us on WhatsApp at +33760038355, and let’s make your family’s life enchantingly smooth. 🌟👻

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