Ô Phil du Coeur

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Company Name: Ô Phil du Coeur

Location: Cote D'Azur

Ages: 5-102 ans


Ô Phil du Coeur helps revealing and developing your potential and the potential of your children while having fun!

Through games and discussions, participants explore their different facets and affinities, learn to welcome their feelings, their thoughts; to improve or stimulate their learning capacities and creativity. This is made while playing and having fun and ultimately helps participants develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and serenity.

In the fun & educational workshops, you will taste a cocktail full of vitamins that stimulate your brain, a dose of positive psychology promoting well-being, laughter and surprises.

And if you want to go further in your own personal exploration, I accompany children, teenagers and even parents to reveal their potential, to soothe their inner beings, to discover themselves in multiple facets in individual sessions.

Tel: +33983333768

Email: contact@ophilducoeur.com

Website: visit website

Address: 120 chemin des combes