A Tutor is professional child educator in a private household setting, working on both a live-in and live-out basis either full-time (if their charges are being home-schooled) or part-time (if their charges attend nursery or school).

They are responsible for the intellectual development (rather than the social or physical development) of their learners, teaching anything from the national curriculum to English as a foreign language.

Tutors are not usually expected to perform any household duties. A strong educational background and formal teaching qualifications are usually required to perform this role.

Our team is British Psychology Society (BPS) qualified to conduct psychometric testing and assessments at the client's request.

To learn more about how our team can help you and for a no obligation discussion about your childcare options, please contact Holly on +337 60 03 83 55, Email: holly@enfantsdazur.com or register online in minutes.

If you are a tutor seeking a job, check out our Job Vacancies* or apply now!

*NB: Not all of our current vacancies are posted online due to the privacy of some of our HNW and UHNW clients.


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