What Makes the Monaco Grand Prix so Special?

What Makes the Monaco Grand Prix So Special?

By Enfants d'Azur 

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Formula 1 has been visiting the Principality since 1929and today Monaco is considered the crown jewel of the Grand Prix circuit, it is after all considered one part of the motor racing triple crown alongside the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500, and only one driver, Graham Hill, has ever achieved it. The tight twisting circuit is overlooked by the grandstands and the roar of the engines reverberates through streets you can drive around for the rest of the year.

The first thing that makes the grand prix so special is the setting. Monaco has a lustre, the fact of being the most glamourous and exclusive enclave in the world. The streets they race on are not paved with gold but coated in history. The sectors, Tabac, The Swimming Pool Complex and the Tunnel are all so familiar to F1 fans. The good and the great turn out to watch, from the Prince to Tom Brady and Tom Cruise, you’ll spot dozens of famous faces throughout the weekend. The whole event glows with glamour, it’s the event of the year and everyone wants to be there.

There have been some legendary battles between rivals and teammates. Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in identical cars racing so hard that Prost afterwards claimed that there was no gap between Senna’s front wing and the tunnel barrier. Or Alberto Ascari missing his braking point and ending up in the harbour in 1955, before swimming back safely. With racing so tight and limits so close there are often spectacular crashes. The thrill of the danger on such a circuit is always present and the drivers stretch every sinew and muscle to deliver the most incredible spectacle for crowds present and the TV audience of millions.

The Grand Prix is fun for the family. If you get the correct passes, then you can take your kids to see the cars and the drivers such as Worldwide superstar Lewis Hamilton or they can cheer on the Monaco born and bred driver Charles Leclerc. They will see plenty of other stars of music and film. Children under 5 enter for free whilst those under 16 get discounted tickets and free entry on the Thursday. Our advice is to make sure you bring ear defenders for any children as the cars are exceptionally loud and close, simple earplugs may not suffice.

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The Monaco Grand Prix is special in every area. Enjoy the whole weekend and surrounding events as it only happens once a year and go grab a ticket quickly for the whole family and see the greatest show on Earth.

Author: Enfants d'Azur

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