A Day Under Water : “Immersion” in Monaco

A Day Under Water : "Immersion" in Monaco  

If you are looking for an experience that will give the whole family goosebumps, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is the place to go to see their new exhibition "Immersion".

By Emilia Patuano

01 Grand bac - © M. Dagnino - Musée océanographique

If you are looking for an experience that will give the whole family goosebumps, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is the place to go to see their new exhibition "Immersion".

You will learn more about the Great Barrier Reef located on the Australian east coast, especially by experiencing a simulated diving initiation. During this interactive exhibition you will follow a coral trail, with different stages. The objective of this is to alert, sensitize but also to impress the visitors in order to be able to continue the restoration of our seabed, in particular the corals.   

The coral has often been a great mystery for Man. After much research, humans finally classified it as an animal. Coral is seen as an oasis of life because it is a vital ecosystem for marine life and for the survival of thousands of species. The Great Barrier Reef covers only 0.2% of the Earth's surface but is home to nearly 30% of marine biodiversity. It is the superhero of the deep ocean, and it has real powers! Fun fact: during the medieval period, knights used to put corals on their shields for more protection. King Louis XIV added coral in some of his drinks because it was considered healthy. 

Because of human activity, coral is endangered, and the exhibition highlights the many ways man is destroying it, but especially how we can avoid it. This exhibit is primarily intended to raise awareness of the dangers that corals face 

This 3D environment allows you to have a 360° vision of the seabed. All the images are real and are assembled to give you the best possible experience of the Great Barrier Reef. Researchers and technicians have tried to make this experience as close to reality as possible. You will find whales, dolphins, jellyfish, and many local coral species. As you see at the entrance of the exhibition, "you take bubbles and leave with memories".  

When you enter this exhibition, prepare yourself for 30 minutes of thrills and wonders with an introduction to diving that doesn't require the long trip to Australia. With the 9m high screens and sound settings, you really feel like you're at the bottom of the ocean among all the sea creatures. Each of the animal sounds are reproduced to create a real harmony in the room. The images are interactive: the stiller you are, the closer the animals will come to you; the more you move, the further they will move away. This allows the experience to be based on reality: when you dive into the ocean depths, you will observe a greater diversity of species if you move calmly.  

After your visit to the exhibition, you follow the path to the Museum to find yourself in the aquariums, and you will have the opportunity to discover even more species that also live in harmony, especially thanks to the coral. Your children will even be able to see a living colony of red coral up close and will be amazed by its beauty. 

Enfants d'Azur has been to this exhibition and strongly recommends it to its readers, whether it is with the family or between adults, it is an experience that will bring you a lot of knowledge and many unforgettable memories. Your children will come out of it with stars in their eyes, we can guarantee you that. They may leave with new ambitions and interests, especially in science and sustainable development.  This exhibition is open to the public until the end of 2021. 


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