A Life Changing Summer: Navigating Educational Summer Camp Options

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A Life Changing Summer: Navigating Educational Summer Camp Options 

By Laura Toledo

How often, towards the end of the school year, have you found yourself looking for the best way for your children to spend their summer having fun but also doing something enriching, unique and educational? 

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When children reach an age where they can go away on their own, it’s time to navigate through the process of selecting the right activity for them. There are so many alternatives - summer camps, teen programmes, intensive language programmes – the list goes on. Which is right for each individual child will depend on a variety of factors including age, personality and interests. There is such a vast amount of information available, it often helps to reach out to an expert to help orientate you through the options. Every child is unique and there is something to meet everyone’s passion, needs and budget.  

The benefits of an experience away from home are multiple and they can be different depending on the child’s age and on the type of programme. 

For younger ones, joining a summer camp helps them gain independence, make new friends, learn new skills and develop new interests, all in a safe environment free of judgement, grades and fear of failure. 

Teenagers can use their summer to take advantage of an intensive language programme to learn or improve a foreign language in an international environment, and they will greatly benefit from the adventure of teen travel and community service trips, as well as enjoy independence and making new friends that could last a lifetime. A strong summer experience always improves a resumé for teens who haven’t worked yet and are looking for a first job, as it can help showcase acquired skills and responsibilities. When the time comes for teenagers to make choices for their academic and professional future, a summer experience can be the opportunity to get a “taste” of what they would like to study later. 

Summer programmes offer children amazing opportunities to experience new adventures, make lasting friends and try new activities. A wisely chosen summer programme can really turn from a simple holiday into an educational and life-changing adventure. 

Author: Laura Toledo, lawyer and mother of two children, is the representative for Monaco and the Côte d’Azur of The Camp Experts & Teen Summers. Laura works with families to help them to find the ideal summer camp or teen programme for their children, taking the time to understand their goals, their child’s interests, abilities, preferences and personality.  

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