Atelier Magali

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Girl thowing clay on a pottery wheel

Company Name: Atelier Magali

Location: Nice

Ages: 3-102


Pottery is a new skill for your child to master! With the help of Magali, your child will be making beautiful pots in no time! This creative activity will stimulate your child’s imagination, and they will be able to learn how to make exactly what they want using Magali’s techniques. They will learn how to create the designs they want with clay, and will have an initiation to the pottery wheel. All these crafts will allow them to create their own bowls and pots that you can then display at home, or gift to your loved ones. How delightful to see your children’s creations in your garden or around your house!

For this workshop, a blouse or apron will be useful, and your children will feel like real professionals!

Tel: 06 79 88 31 71


Website: visit website

Address: 06200 Nice