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Company Name: CK-Health

Location: Grasse

Ages: 0-100


Christine is an MSc qualified registered Nutritional Therapist using Functional Medicine and Personal Trainer (25 years experience) focussing on pilates and barre. Christine believes that nurturing the body and mind is essential for living well.

Christine specialises in helping busy mums and dads regain their vitality and “joie de vivre” by addressing their digestive and hormonal imbalances using changes that suit their lifestyle. As a busy mum she understands how overwhelming it can be to make changes when trying to juggle a bundle of other things, so Christine endeavours to keep changes simple and manageable.

Christine has many years of experience working with those who feel confused by all the different messages sent on social media platforms and help them discover what works for THEM and what will work for YOU. After all, we're all individuals with differing requirements and this is where Nutritional Therapy comes in.

Christine's goal is to educate, motivate, and support her clients to take control in optimising their health, regain energy to live the life they desire using INDIVIDUALISED dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Address: Magagnosc, France