HistoireS VivanteS

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Company Name: HistoireS VivanteS

Location: Grasse

Ages: 6 years +


Adventure for kids! Founded in 2004 by Mélina Ollivier under the name "La folie en tête", the association designs and animates creative and fun events and workshops. Since 2016 joined by Vincent Grunenwald and renamed "HistoireS VivantesS", the association is also focusing on history of art to make learning history and knowledge of heritage more accessible and attractive thanks to our life-size role-playing games (GN). We want to protect Nature and Culture by sharing our passion with the greatest number. Coming from specialized animation and popular education each member of our team has an artistic specialization: Cinema, History of Art, Theater, Illustration and Music.

Tel: +33 6 76 92 28 33

Email: melina@histoiresvivantes.fr

Website: visit website

Address: 06520 Grasse, France