My School Montessori

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Company Name: My School Montessori

Location: Cagnes-Sur-Mer

Ages: 3+


Our private bilingual school located in Cagnes sur Mer delivers education and learning based on Montessori pedagogy. A method dating back over a century, it offers all children kinaesthetic and sensory development in order to provide the keys necessary for their development and happiness throughout their lives. While nowadays, the education system requires pupils to have more and more classes that do not allow educators to offer the necessary attention to the capacities of each child, our school offers individualized support in small numbers, to a rhythm corresponding to the needs of each one, mitigating the weaknesses and developing the strong points.

Tel: 09 86 38 32 98


Website: visit website

Address: 19 chemin des Travails entrée À Batiment Rector 2 Cagnes-sur-Mer