Chances For Children : Sponsor a Child’s Education

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Chances for Children : Sponsor a Child’s Education

By Gabrielle Crump

« One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.»

-Malala Yousafzai

Chances for Children Monaco has been running for 6.5 years and is headed up by Gabrielle and Russell Crump. The charity is 100% financially and morally responsible for 54 orphaned children in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.  The organization in Uganda was set up by Martin Male, an AIDS orphan himself, after he had spent 6 years living in the slums and streets of Kampala. Martin was given a chance in life by being adopted by local lady who had 3 daughters but no son. ‘Mummy Jayne’ as she is fondly known, gave Martin a sense of belonging, a home and the love he had been missing as a child.  Martin was fortunate enough to have an education and finished senior school. Once he finished school he felt compelled to head back to the slums and set up a grass roots organization to help the kids he had left behind, that had become his family. This has become CHANCES FOR CHILDREN.

The original organization was set up in 2011. In 2014, Gabrielle and Russell dived in headfirst to give these children a brighter future. They joined forces with Martin and the CHANCES FOR CHILDREN journey began.

At the outset the children lived in a hut with goats, no education, no running water, no indoor toilets and one meal a day if they were lucky, but Martin supplied love and hope in abundance. In the 7-year journey, the organization has grown to owning its own property, the children have three good meals a day with ongoing medical care and are in full time education at a very good school. They have formed their own dance troop specializing in traditional Ugandan tribal dance and have an amazing singing choir.

Gabrielle, Russell and all the generous supporters have built the success of Chances For Children on true grit, determination and love and we would be delighted for you to join together with on this incredible journey.

What can you do to help? 

Most children have a sponsor or a group of sponsors who help us cover the expenses of running the home, local staff costs, water and electricity, food, sanitary towels, and toiletries.

Currently we have many children needing education sponsorship. Pre 2020 we relied  heavily on events to generate donations  which has of course been very tough this past year. Most of the children are rising stars with aspirations to become pillars of society as doctors or nurses, DJ’s, pilot, accountants and entrepreneurs.

An education sponsorship costs 50€/month. 1.66 euros a day, the price of your morning espresso! The monthly budget per child is 50€ (the fee covers school meals, extra curriculum activities, transport to and from school, full tuition fees, uniforms, books and pens, admission fees…)

The C4C family of  Children are acutely aware of the fortunate opportunity they have been given and strive at every opportunity to be the very best. Your donation will help C4C carry on its great work and help dreams come true.

Educate a child for 1.66€ a day!

An education sponsorship covers:

- School fees and admissions

- Uniforms

- All school supplies and stationery

- School meals

- Exams

- School trips

The realization of their dream !


Education sponsorship costs 50€/month. 1.66 euros a day !

Every donation to C4C goes 100% to the Ugandan center.

Author : Gabrielle Crump has been running Chances For Children (C4C) for 6 years with her husband Russell. They care for 54 orphaned children in Uganda.

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