Cupcake Trees

I made a batch of double chocolate & chocolate chip muffins followed by a batch of carrot and banana muffins for my kids lunch boxes this week.

For some reason I decided that today was the day i would try to turn them into cupcake trees which i had been contemplating trying to create for some time. So i made a batch of butter cream icing divided it up and coloured it pink, yellow and orange. Fantastic! I used my new powder colours which I bought from V a fantastic Chocolatier in Dubai who taught me chocolate basics.

I iced the muffins this evening and made the cupcake bouquets. It was actually surprisingly easy. I found that putting the cupcakes in the fridge first made them more secure when attached. In the spaces between the cupcakes to hide the styofoam ball it is all stuck into I used shreaded tissue paper from my sons craft supplies (luckily we had a full and varied stock just for this type of emergency 🙂 and pushed it in the gaps. I used a colour which i thought worked best with the icing.

cupcake trees

I hope you like them.

Holly xx

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