Festive I Spy Game

Festive I Spy Game

I Spy with my little eye is one of those games that almost everyone knows. It can be played by players of all ages and can be adapted for different age groups. When my children were really young and they had not yet learn to spell we adapted it and played with colors: I spy with my little eye something "yellow"  I Spy can be the perfect solution to keep children entertained in almost any situation because you don’t need any props. 

This game is slightly different from the traditional I Spy. It is actually more of a search and find game. As we approach the holiday season, I put together this festive I spy game. It can be played alone, together or competitively in teams. The objective is to correctly search, find and count the number of items. Brilliant for concentration and practicing counting skills. Depending on the age of your child it can also be played as a search and find descriptive game. For example: "I spy an animal that helps Santa deliver presents to all the children" and then help your child find what you were talking about "the reindeer." Play it on a long car journey on the bus whilst waiting for an appointment or just for fun here is the free printable.




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