Foreign Supermarkets on the Riviera

Foreign supermarkets are fantastic and an essential for so many, especially in such a diverse part of the country where so many different nationalities are represented in the population. Anyone who likes cooking food from their home country or who wants to learn how to cook dishes from all around the world will need the right ingredients and this is where foreign markets come in handy. To help you find the best international groceries, delis and ingredients, we’ve created a page on our website where you can browse through a selection of shops across the Riviera that offer foreign goods. So, whether you’re looking for marmite, tahini, sauerkraut or curry spices you’re guaranteed to find what you need in one of the shops mentioned.

We have a fantastic selection of countries represented like Russia, England, Sweden, Italy and many more and we are adding new markets on a regular basis so make sure to check regularly!

We have compiled some delicious Italian Trattorias where you can buy authentic wines, cheeses, meats, antipasti, and more of the wonderful products Italy has to offer. You'll find stores located anywhere from Nice to St Tropez to Vence, ensuring that you won't have to go very far to find what you need!

We might not be far the the Italian border but with the current situation it can be handy to have access to quality products nearby.

We have various Eastern European Supermarkets located along the coast where you can buy a wide variety of traditional products, ingredients and all your family favourites.

You can also find some Scandinavian markets listed, where you can buy classic foods and drinks but also Scandinavian objects, decor pieces, and gifts for your loved ones.

Some of our markets and delis also double as cafés or restaurants so you can even enjoy international food options without having to cook it yourself, an alternative that many will appreciate.

If you know of other foreign markets we may have forgotten, let us know and we’ll add them as soon as possible!

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