How to Support your Child’s Development in the Early Years

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How to Support your Child’s Development in the Early Years

By KidooLand

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A child’s early years are crucial for their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Why? Simply put, babies’ & toddlers’ brains are like sponges and the greater the number and variety of stimuli that you expose them to during these foundation years, the greater the effect on the development of their brain; and that effect can last a lifetime!

How can parents support their child’s development during these crucial early years?

1. Join a Parent & Child Class!

Usually suitable from 5 months, Parent & Child classes are lively, fun, and a great opportunity to socialise for the both the children and their grown-ups!

Such sessions also introduce youngsters to music, singing, and sensory games, which naturally stimulate and encourage brain development. Toddlers will also enjoy baby gym activities and hands-on discovery workshops, which enable them to touch, explore, and try new things for themselves.

2. Forest School

Forest schools introduce children to the natural environment in a fun and very hands-on way through songs, games, and interactive workshops all inspired by and held outdoors. Be prepared to get tired and messy!

3. Playgroup

Playgroup is a gentle steppingstone between toddlerhood and school, which enables children to develop their autonomy and essential life skills in a safe and secure environment. Classes with a good adult-child ratio and lots of hands-on activities enable children to develop and thrive outside of the home.

Combine any of the above with learning a second language and your child will reap the benefits in years to come!

Author : KidooLand

With 14 years of experience, KidooLand has a reputation as a centre of excellence for English learning, offering a full range of programmes for children aged 5 months - 16 years. These programmes teach English through English classes and play-based activities, whilst also helping children develop their confidence and essential life skills. KidooLand has 2 centres: Vallauris & Villeneuve-Loubet.

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