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Is Creative Multilingualism The Answer To 21st Century Readiness? Olea Education Says “Oui, 是的”.

Olea’s mission is to ensure every learner is brought into the 21st century fully multilingual. For learners in Europe (and indeed most non-anglophone countries), multilingualism is the norm, and monolingual nations are an exception. Even though 36% of Brits only speak one language, in London today, as a result of the arrival of migrants and refugees in the second half of the last century, it is estimated that approximately 300 languages are spoken. But for countries where multilingualism is already the norm, is this really enough? Is it enough to speak three languages fluently, or can we do better?

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Why IQ Isn’t Everything and How OLEA’s Foundational Pillars Are Paving The Way For A Modern Approach To Education

Throughout the 20th century, Western nations have perpetuated outdated education systems by teaching children how to rote learn, think within the box, and mindlessly follow a rigid system of conveniently compartmentalised subjects. If there is anything positive to be taken from the ongoing pandemic, it is the opportunity to turn education on its head while the world readjusts to a new normal.

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