The Birthday Party Ideas Guide With Virtual & Social Distancing Options.

Title Image. The Birthday Party Ideas guide 2020 Social Distancing and Virtual birthday Parties

Lots of fun ideas for a special birthday party!


The party season is nearly upon us. There are so many wonderful party options for children on the Cote D'Azur. From indoor play spaces to events, cinemas, beaches, parks, museums, forests, amusement parks, swimming pools and so much more...

I have not been able to list them all here but we have a wonderful "Party" section on our website where you can discover many different local businesses, cake makers, entertainers, magicians, party suppliers, birthday party venues, caterers, florists, photographers and event planners.

Even after the 2 of June when everything is due to re-open, we are advised to continue to maintain social distancing where possible to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to continue to wash our hands regularly.

With this social distancing still in place, there will be children (and adults) all over the world who will be thinking about ideas for parties that allow for participants to remain 1 meter apart, and for some vulnerable children, at home parties with close family members or virtual parties.

This resource is about bringing together all the best ideas for kids birthday parties with an emphasis on at home and virtual birthday parties. The businesses mentioned are local to the Riviera and all have business listings on The ideas however are generic and can be used no matter where you live.


Izdeguiz - A Fancy Dress & Party Shop
Feter & Recevoir - Party Supplies Shop



Choose a Theme - Just like you would for an in-person party, pick a theme for your virtual party to keep things fun and as expected for your child. A fancy dress party could add a nice dynamic to a virtual party.


Choose a Date - Many people's schedules have changed drastically over the last few months in lockdown and people are only just starting to return to work. Some schools are not yet open and home-schooling is still something that families are doing at home. Select a time, perhaps a weekend, or afternoon, after home, and school work is completed.


Create & Send Out Invitations - The free version of Canva has hundreds of customizable birthday party invitation templates that you can personalize for your own party in line with your chosen theme.


Try Canva Pro today!


Choose A Venue or Platform For The Party - there are some incredible party venues on the Cote D'Azur. All these venues have birthday party packages. They can be found in the Enfants D'Azur Directory under "Party Venues". Just like businesses have been using tech platforms like zoom, Microsoft teams and, google hangouts so these can be equally suitable to host virtual birthday parties. Consider ease of use and send out clear instructions along with your invitations so that guests find it easy to log on at party time. Also, consider how long you envisage your party to be. Google Hangouts for example allows many guests and no time limit free of cost whereas Zoom is free for up to 100 guests but will cut you off automatically after 40 minutes. Or why not create a pop-up Facebook group and invite all your child's friends to the group. Go live and allow others to go-live with you. Have people post videos and pictures and just have fun interacting with each other in realtime.


Choose Your Entertainment - Many companies and individuals pivoted their party-entertainment businesses to be able to continue to delight children with "at home" virtual birthday parties. Petit Paris Playgroup for example has online music classes on Zoom. Now looking to reopen, with strict safety and sanitation precautions, on the 2nd of June, many of these businesses will continue to offer their online options. Keep the age group in mind when choosing activities and entertainers. Online dance parties, karaoke, and a shared movie & popcorn night can be fun for older children and teens. Some might enjoy pamper parties or jewelry making parties where props or materials needed for the party are delivered in advance to each party guest. Younger children might like to create things with playdough or do simple arts and crafts.


Get the Enfants D'Azur easy "No Cook Playdough Recipe" printable here

 Playdough Recipe


The "Toucan Box" in France delivers craft boxes to children which can function both as the party activity and the remaining items as the Party bag that they can keep and enjoy at another time.


Toucan Box - With 2 creative activities in each box for 3 to 8-year-olds. This Arts and Crafts Subscription box can be personalized and delivered to each child. There is no engagement and so you can get 1 off's perfect to a virtual birthday party activity. Here is a link to their business listing on

Toucan Box - With 2 creative activities in each box for 3 to 8-year-olds. This Arts and Crafts Subscription box can be personalized and delivered to each child. There is no engagement and so you can get 1 off's perfect to a virtual birthday party activity. Here is a link to their business listing on


Decorate - Birthday parties are of great significance for kids and decorating the venue can be lots of fun, adding to the anticipation and excitement of the event. There are all sorts of banners streamers, props, tableware, flowers, table confetti, and balloons which can complement your theme and make your venue pop! but it needn't be too elaborate, kids will still be happy with a small effort as long as they are made to feel special. Balloons, partyware, and basic decorations are available at most supermarkets. If you are seeking more choice look no further than Fêter et Recevoir, one of the largest party shops in the area, who has one of the most comprehensive party product lines in the region. And if you are seeking Balloon Art look no further than Deco Balloon. They will come out to any venue, yacht or private residence and transform it with their fabulous balloon structures, arches, and displays.

Deco-Ballon - Balloon Design & Sculpture

Deco-Ballon - Balloon Design & Sculpture


Don't Forget The Traditional Party Cake  - The cake is probably one of the most significant parts of the birthday party. It is custom to celebrate the age of the child with the same number of candles. One idea would be to send out a cupcake with a single candle to each guest so that they can all participate in the candle blowing out ceremony together with the birthday child, this will help to make the children all feel that they are a part of a celebration even though not together in the same room. Les Gateaux Sucrés is a local creator of birthday cakes on the Cote D'Azur. No matter what your theme, Les Gateaux Sucrés can make the perfect cake.


Les Gateaux Sucrés. Creator of birthday Cakes. Cote D'Azur

Les Gateaux Sucrés. Creator of birthday Cakes. Cote D'Azur


If you have vulnerable people in your household you might want to celebrate with close family only. The internet is full of exciting and easy to make games and activities to make even the smallest birthday party fund and engaging.

The Enfants D'Azur Family Branding


For those kids who are looking forward to a princesses or superheroes party!! Character party entertainers are offering birthday guest appearances especially for kids who can no longer have the birthday party they planned.

Ciboulette, who many of you will know is well known and local on the Cote D'Azur. She is offering in-person parties to entertain young guests accompanied by her fabulous puppets. For those wanting a virtual option, she has many videos to chose from on her yotube channel. To get her details, visit her business listing on or click the linked picture below.

Ciboulette et Oscar


  • Start with breakfast in bed for the birthday child.
  • An ice cream sundae bar where everyone makes their own ice cream sundae.
  • Support small business and purchase a cake from a local registered cake maker or patisserie. Check out our cake makers section under "Parties" Alternately, why not make your own cake and then let the birthday child decorate it with colorful icing, sprinkles, fruit and, edible glitter.
  • Make your party into a family pizza night. Either DIY (which can be an activity in itself) or order via a local pizza delivery service. See our local restaurants and takeouts section.
  • Have a BBQ with burger and hotdog bar so everyone can create their own or why not have a picnic in the garden.
  • Older teens might prefer to have high tea or a restaurant-style dinner complete with table service and wine glasses (filled with lemonade).


Try to have some structure by giving your virtual event a beginning a middle and an end. Start with introductions, start the planned activity, or play a few games, sing happy birthday and blow out the candles and finally be sure you take a snapshot of the virtual party guests. You can send a copy to your guests as a thank you card to remember this moment! Say goodbye to each and every guest.



  1. Simon Says
  2. Musical Statues - Freeze when the music stops!
  3. Charades is always good because it's very interactive and each guest can have a go at acting.
  4. Name something beginning with " A letter of your choice"
  5. Get the kids moving by playing a "movement game. Get them to jump like kangaroos, move like monkeys, slither like a snake or even more sporty options like jumping jacks, running on the spot, spinning, push-ups etc...


  • Last week we shared our Indoor Treasure Hunt Printable. Perfect for any party. This scavenger hunt game gets kids moving and collecting objects from all around the house. You can make it competitive by calling out the items and the 1st child to return with the correct object wins.
  • Create your own DIY photo booth with props like feather boas, dressing up costumes, Cowboy hats, fake mustaches, oversized glasses. Photos are such special memories to keep in memory boxes.
  • What about pitching a tent in your garden and decorate it with sparkly twinkling fairy lights for an exciting camping party. Tell stories around a fire pit, roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate. If you have a telescope why not look through it to see all the millions and billions of stars in our universe.
  • If you love singing why not have a karaoke night or, if dancing is your thing, a disco party.
  • The family version of "Cards Against Humanity" - a hilarious card game can be downloaded for free from their website. Click here
  • With cinemas only due to reopen across France from the 22 of June, why not have an indoor "Night Out at the Movies" A dark room, pizza popcorn, your favorite soft drinks & candy floss are great extras, to make it feel like you are really there!! It is also possible to include friends and family virtually.
Get your free Treasure Hunt Printable now!
pexels child tent-3932959


  • With some children still not back at school, consider gifts that revolve around fun educational activities for the birthday child. Things like DIY terrariums, kits for learning about anatomy, electricity, solar power or e-subscriptions for art classes or perhaps focused on learning a new skill like cooking or coding.
  • Decorate the house with balloons and themed or homemade decorations while the birthday child is sleeping...
  • Organize Facebook facetime with special people like grandparents or friends and or video messages from friends...
  • Have ice-cream for breakfast? My family is going to try this idea, reverse the day.
  • Organize a picnic on the beach with friends. everyone bring their own blanket and picnic basket and sit 1 meter apart.
  • Go rollerblading or skateboarding on the promenade. This activity allows you to keep your distance. It is sporty and fun. Easy to make competitive by having races or showing off your skills and talents.
  • Drive to the hills and fly a kite and take a picnic too.
  • Have a rock or pebble decorating party. using paints of pens draw and personalise your pebbles. Guests take home their rock to decorate a plant pot, flowerbed, or use as a paperweight in a bedroom.
  • Role reversal. Let the birthday child be the adult for the day. You will be surprised at how responsible they are in making all the decisions. Let them tell you when to get up, when and what to eat, what to do, what to watch when to clean your teeth get ready for bed, and lights out!
  • Have a family slumber party in the living room
  • Do a birthday countdown to the big day using a sticker chart on the wall.
  • Put together a playlist of your favorite songs for the birthday party. Get family and friends to suggest songs.
  • Local florists have been particularly affected by recent closures so why not organize a flower delivery for your special birthday person. Check out Bloom Room. A new concept in Floristry. They make the most spectacular bouquets out of fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolates, and sweets. A perfect birthday party gift for kids and adults alike.


Bloom Room - Bouquets de fruits et légumes

Bloom Room - Bouquets de fruits et légumes


  • Wrap up small gifts and hide them. Make clues and give them a new clue every hour so they ca find all their gifts.
  • Another lovely idea is to get children to write about an account or story about what is currently happening in the world? how they are feeling? what they are missing? What are they are enjoying? What do they think the world will look like after this is all over? and keep it safe in a memory box. For younger children, you can write it down for them to record thier thoughts. You could also make this into a video instead of a written account and include questions like what would you like to be when you grow up? Who is your favorite artist? What is your favorite movie?
  • Take lots of photos! Here is our link to local photographers listed on the Enfants D'Azur website.

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