The Lenval Foundation : How You Can Help

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The Lenval Foundation : How You Can Help.

Paediatric University Hospital 

By Holly Grattan

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Emergency rooms deal with serious and life-threatening medical emergencies on a daily basis. Being treated quickly in urgent care situations is of the utmost importance for both the experience and the clinical outcomes of patients. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the emergency department of the Lenval Paediatric University Hospital sees on average 160 young patients and their parents each day. Consultations continue to rise and in 2019 they saw 61,698 patients. 

What is the Lenval Foundation? 

Founded in 1888 the Lenval Foundation is a not for profit, private children’s hospital whose mission is "to receive all children, without condition of resources and without distinction of religion or nationality". Their main focus is the quality of care, supervision and comfort for their patients and on paediatric research. The hospital is spread over 18 sites, from Cagnes-sur-Mer to Menton, and has nearly 1,200 employees. It manages the 1st paediatric university hospital in the PACA region, a 9000 square foot emergency room caring for 61,698 patients every year, child psychiatry units, a social nursery and sites specialising in multiple disabilities, dysphasia, and autism. 

This year, in November 2020, they will be undertaking some major renovation work in the emergency department. They hope to limit the waiting time for children visiting the emergency room, facilitate their care and get them back home as quickly as possible.  The work will also increase the number of examination rooms; improve family and medical team collaboration; identify a centre dedicated to child psychiatric emergencies; continue to improve the care of vulnerable people; integrate new technologies and promote education (through simulation and clinical research). 


How Does The Lenval Foundation Work? 

The Lenval Foundation’s funds come from donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations. Each year at the Lenval Foundation, more than 100,000 medical and specialized consultations, 60,000 emergency room visits (4th nationally), 5,700 surgical operations, 50,000 child psychiatry treatments take place, and about sixty very young children (0 to 6 years old) are placed under protection. 

Every euro counts especially during this unprecedented pandemic when many fund-raising events have had to be cancelled. Please help children and families at The Lenval Foundation by making a donation and showing your support this Festive Season. Your donation to The Lenval Foundation can make a huge difference helping to fund this work and achieving these objectives as quickly as possible.

How Can You Donate? 

Visit The Lenval Foundations donations page

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