Treasure Hunters Free Downloadable Indoor Treasure Hunt for Kids

We have an exciting adventure for you on the blog today an Indoor Treasure Hunt for Kids.

“The ‘F’ in Family stands for ‘Fun’!”

We hope that our indoor treasure hunt helps to make time spent at home this weekend just as exciting as going out.

Download our indoor treasure hunt printable

It’s a scavenger hunt designed it for anyone to play at home.

With lots of little treasures hidden away in places around our home, this game encourages children to go on a quest of discovery to collect listed items.

We have included simple things like a toilet roll to a shiny object to something beginning with the letter ‘C’ and something bumpy.

If you don’t think you have something don’t worry just swap it or something else.

If the kids enjoy the game and don’t want it to end you could add additional bonus rounds and timed rounds for a bit of extra fun! 

Here is the link to the printable: click here

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