Valentine’s Day Guide 2020

Valentine’s Day Guide 2020         

By Gabrielle Labourier

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our inner romantics are dying to get out. If you’re not a romantic at heart but want to show your partner how much you love them, this is exactly the information you’ll need! As with every other special occasion and holiday in the last year, Valentine’s Day will look a little different this time around and will have more restrictions than usual but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a wonderful day. Ditch the supermarket-bought flowers & chocolates and instead, follow our guide to planning a beautiful Valentine’s DAY for your partner, that’s right, a whole day! If you’re single, just treat to yourself to a special or a self-care day, Valentine’s Day is all about love, so self-love counts!

Planning Valentine’s Day is something that can be done in advance and researched in depth, so you know exactly what to expect on the day. Just take into consideration that Covid restrictions may change at any moment so plan your activities accordingly to ensure you won’t be scrambling to plan something new at the last minute. Make reservations well in advance to guarantee you’ll be able to go to your favourite place and plan all the little details that will make this day extra special.


Think of the little things. Why not go the extra mile and buy some candles and make a romantic playlist if you’re opting for an at-home Valentine’s Day? You can also prepare a lovely gift basket with chocolates, soaps, massage oil, perfumes, wines, or anything else your partner might enjoy. Work on these early and you’ll be able to focus on the big date in peace.


Find the perfect gift for your partner. You can always opt for something simple, like a personalised/engraved item, but always take into account their likes, hobbies, and preferences. Why not plan a horse-riding trek followed by a relaxing massage before going out for dinner or a rock-climbing excursion or a beautiful hike with a picnic for lunch? Find ideas that you’ll both enjoy, and that you’ll remember forever.


Decide if you want to dine out or prepare a romantic dinner or even hire a private chef. These options will obviously depend on Covid restrictions as restaurants may not be operating at full capacity or operating at all. If you opt to dine out, you will have a wonderful, romantic atmosphere but you’ll need to plan ahead and make a reservation. Making dinner at home can be a wonderful option as you can make a meal they’ll love for sure, but this is best if you actually know how to cook. If you’d prefer to dine at home but aren’t a whizz in the kitchen, opt to hire a private chef! You’ll have professional quality food but in the comfort of your own home, an option which would work well if government restrictions are in place in February.


Always dress to impress, whether you go out or stay at home for your date. With current times, many of us haven’t had the occasion to get glammed up so why not trade the sweats for a beautiful dress or elegant suit even if all you’re doing is having dinner at home. You’ll both feel confident and fancy, something we haven’t felt in a long time.


As said earlier, make it a whole day, dedicated to your partner. Start off the day with breakfast in bed, plan some activities that you’ll both enjoy and top off the evening with a lovely dinner and maybe even dancing! Whatever you decide to do, adapt it to both your likes and dislikes, what your friends might be planning won’t necessarily appeal to you so don’t worry, just do your own thing! If you’d rather have a romantic movie marathon rather than go hiking, or if you prefer to go to your favourite museum or even recreate your first date, it’s all up to you, as long as you’ll both enjoy the day! Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much you love, and care about them and remember, you know them better than anyone else, so trust your gut, and plan something you know will make them happy!

Author: Gabrielle Labourier

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