Welcome in the Fresh, Life-Giving Energies of Spring with the Power of Feng Shui

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Welcome in the Fresh Life-Giving Energies of Spring with the Power of Feng Shui 

By Louise Marie Lakshmi

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Welcome in the fresh energies of spring to assist you and your family into new life affirming ways of living with the power of Feng Shui, a practice that will help you create unity with the natural world. Learning to move with the seasons within your home will help bring more balance into your life. There is no greater time to transform your space and introduce a home full of vitality to support you and your family in achieving your highest goals for 2021. 

Every aspect of who you are and how you function is anchored energetically in your living space. According to Feng Shui principles, there are 3 main elements that can help you achieve more harmony in the home during spring: 

  • Air To Refresh 
  • Wood For Growth  
  • Water To Nourish  


The aim is to get as much spring air into your home as possible. Open the doorways and windows removing any clutter to allow the fresh springtime energies to circulate your home. Feng Shui considers the function of windows as the lungs to your home so cleaning them both on the inside and outside will help your home to breathe more easily and give you a clearer lens to view the outside world. Wash, air and dry any clothes and soft furnishings, carpets and rugs in the fresh springtime breeze. Air your mattresses, flip them over and vacuum them to clear away any mites. As you clean, visualise clearing away stagnant energies, negative thoughts and old patterns of behavior.  


Wood represents growth. Care for any wood furnishings and clear away any clutter from the surfaces revealing any hidden wood and allowing it to breathe as wood is thought to support new ventures and projects. It’s strength and flexibility acts as support to tackle difficult challenges with grace and its forgiving nature heals relationships that may have become tense over the winter months. 

There are two main elements that support wood. These are plants and water. 

Plants enhance wood elements, adding fresh chi and the element of expansion and development in your home. Replace tired plants with fresh and healthy ones, or change the soil to help plants grow. This will bring in the quality of rebirth and renewal into your space. 

Toss away or burn on a fire any old wood, potpourri, dead or dried flowers to make more room for new chi to flow through your home. Introduce peace lilies, orchids, ficus and money plants to enhance abundance and prosperity. Houseplants with round leaves enhance chi, they symbolise wealth, thereby adding to the energy of abundance while cacti and snake plants protect. 


Water nourishes wood energy, so if you’d love to have a fountain in your home  now is the time. Place one at the entrance of your home, ‘the mouth of Chi’. The upward and downward flow of water supports relationships and social networks. Water keeps Chi moving, supports careers and supports new energy entering the home. Choose a water fountain that ‘sparks joy’ as Marie Kondo, author and lifestyle consultant would say!  

By incorporating these 3 main objectives into your home for spring you can start to learn how to live in harmony with your environment and understand that people, relationships and the world around us are cyclical and forever in motion. Intentionally moving with these cycles can assist you towards a more conscious and healthier way of living.  

AuthorLouise Marie Lakshmi is a professional household organiser. 

Email : louise.marie.c@icloud.com 

Mobile: +44 07492330891 

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