Dates for your Diary July 2020

date for your diary July 2020

Dates for you Diary - What to do throughout July 2020

If you were expecting the Summer to be quiet with not much happening on the Cote D’Azur, then think again. As well as ample opportunities to indulge in me-time, we have researched things for everyone to do on the Riviera and the calendar for July is quite robust. There are things for everyone from theatre lovers, fitness fans, foodies, art enthusiasts, and those who love to party/dance. For August, there are not yet many events and activities planned but don't worry we will be keeping you updated as and when this information is released on our website and our blog. So take a look at this round-up of just some of the fabulous things we have found for families this summer. 

When: 20th July 2020

Where: Nice

Arthur et la Sorcière à Moustache - Sebastien Morena 

Arthur is a little boy who loves to play but today he is all alone and quite bored.

On his adventures, he meets lots of new animal friends. Zozo, a completely crazy cat, who knows how to play hundreds of games leads him through the forest. The forest is also home to a witch with a mustache who sets. trap for Arthur. TO escape from the spell cast by the witch Authur call on children in the audience to help him.

A lovely enchanting and magical puppet show performance for a young audience

with: Sébastien MORENA

Puppet Show - Length: 35 minutes - Suitable for 2 à 8 years old


Contact Théâtre L'Alphabet

When: 23rd July 2020

Where: Nice

Le Vilain Petit Mouton

Don’t miss out on "Le vilain petit mouton et le secret de la poule au n'oeuf d'or", a family adventure presented by the Théâtre L'Alphabet in Nice !

Kids will participate and help Lainy in this interactive puppet show that is full of surprises!

Afternoon snack included.

Wednesday 08th of July 2020 at 14h

Contact Théâtre L'Alphabet

Festival Jardin des Contes et Légendes

When: 23rd July at 9 pm and 30th July at 9 pm

Where: Ecoparc du Pôle Culturel, Villeneuve Loubet.

Jardin des Contes et Légendes 

In a traveling atmosphere, enjoy the book readings of Fred Duvaud and Muriel Revellon as they take you on a journey of the imagination.

When: 24th July 2020 @ 10 pm

Where: Place Du Grande Jardin, Vence.

Cinéma Plein Air - Fourmi

Experience a wonderful evening at the outdoor cinema in the heart of Vence, watching Fourmi, a heartwarming French film directed by Julien Rappeneau.

Théo, otherwise known as "ant", is the only son of divorced parents. At 12 Théo has always had a gift for football.when a scout from a well known British club starts to show an interest in him, he sees an opportunity to give a little bit of hope back to his father. Despite his efforts, "ant" is not selected due to this small size. He decides to lie to his father and makes him believe that he has been selected for the next season. This lie quickly gets out of control and completely changes his life and those of his nearest and dearest.

Vence Cinema en Plein Air


Green ferns rain forest

When: 1st July to 30th August 2020

Where: Nice

Retour Des Expositions au Parc Phoenix

« Regards sauvages »  

By Animal Photographer Jean-Paul ACQUAVIVA, 

Au travers de ses clichés, il nous offre l’opportunité de croiser le regard d’un animal sauvage dans son milieu naturel. Une exposition qui ne peut qu’éveiller les consciences sur la diminution des territoires vierges et sur la nécessité de protéger notre biodiversité aussi riche que fragile.

Au travers de ses clichés, il nous offre l’opportunité de croiser le regard d’un animal sauvage dans son milieu naturel. Une exposition qui ne peut qu’éveiller les consciences sur la diminution des territoires vierges et sur la nécessité de protéger notre biodiversité aussi riche que fragile.

Pour les enfants, un tunnel de brume a été installé au jardin d'enfants. Une envie de vous rafraîchir ? Rendez-vous sous cette pergola ombragée pour un vent de fraîcheur !

En point final vous pouvez visiter en toute sécurité! La parc a obtenu début juin le label "confiance sanitaire" grâce aux mesures sanitaires d'accueil du public mises en place.

Contact Park Phoenix

When: 1st July to 30 August 2020

Where: Vence

Guided Visit of the Town

Vence Tourism is offering a tour which they promote as being "at children’s level"!

Discover this original visit that explores Vence using all your senses, touching, looking, listening, and tasting. Ideal for families and kids of all ages!

Contact Vence Tourism

Guided Tour of vence
Mapping Lumières à Cannes

When: until 30th August 2020 From 10 pm to be 11:30 pm

Where: Cannes

Stunning Light Show Cannes

Every evening watch a stunning light show. form the façades of the Palais des festivals et des congrès to the Notre-Dame d'Espérance au Suquet Church

When: 11th July to 25 Augst 2020. From 8 pm to Midnight

Where: Avenue Pierre Poési, Cannes La Bocca

Luna Park

Fun for everyone  young and old, Summer Fete at Luna Park. There will be numerous attractions on the Courbertin Parking lot in  Cannes La Bocca. Open to all!

The Moonraker ! is the attraction which is attracting the most interest this year! Inspired by NASA and the training Astronauts are subjected to, It holds 40 people at a time in this enormous UFO-shaped whirlwind of flashing lights. For 5 full minutes, it spins at 2 speeds (between 10 to 18 times per minute) whilst being lifted up vertically by a metal arm. Expect to feel Force of 3-4 G in other words up to 3 to 4 times you own body weight.

Pour le plus grand bonheur des petits et grands, la foire d'été Luna Park accueillera le public sur le parking Coubertin avec de nombreuses attractions.

Pendant les trois premiers jours (samedi 11, dimanche 12 et lundi 13 juillet), tous les manèges sont à 2 €.

Luna Park
Stage Initiation Art Plastiques

When: 20th to 24th July 2020 From 10 am to 12 noon

Where: Grasse

Museum of Art History of Provence

The Museum of art history of Provence is offering workshops for families wanting to learn different mediums of arts and crafts (ARTS PLASTIQUES)

Join a family workshop at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence. Come and learn about arts and crafts: painting, sculpture, engraving, and design in this old hotel that houses a rich collection of works of art and historically significant objects to the local area.

Contact The Museum of Art History of Provence

When: 21st and 28th July 2020 at 9 pm

Where: Biot

Tuesdays Festival

For this Summer Season's Tuesdays Festival Biot has organised  Puppet Performances again in the Jardin Frédéric Mistral.

Tuesday 21st July 9 pm - « Nourritures terrestres » by Loic Bettini (For 8 years and above)

Tuesday 28th July at 9 pm - « POLICHINELLE, tout est permis ! » par la compagnie Gorgomar (à partir de 5 ans)

Puppet Show Biot
Cinema Plein Air Mouans Sartoux


When: 20th and 27th July 2020

Where: Mouans Sartoux

Open Air Cinema

The tourist Office in Mouans Sartoux have a full program of films being played in their open-air cinema in July. (FRENCH)

Monday 20th July 2020: EN AVANT

In the suburbs of an imaginary universe, 2 elven brothers set off on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is any magic left in the world.

In Disney Pixar's animated movie En Avant, Ian and Barlet Lightfoot, 2 young brother elves would like the chance to spend an extra day with their missing father

Like all quests, their journey is they have to overcome setbacks, spells, obstacles. But when their mother learns of their disappearance she forms a team wih an old warrior who has the a^êarance of part lion,  part scorpion with wings of a bat known the Manticore. This magical journey filled with perilous twists and turns could take a turn that surpasses their expectations!


Monday 27th July 2020 : L'AVENTURE DES MARGUERITE

Marguerite et Margot are both 12 years old, each with their own families, friends problems...  And their time. Because One lives in 1942 and the other in 2020. But it's a mystical magical spell which transports them n to the other time. Margot et Marguerite have one thing in common, their father is no longer there. Disappeared in the 2nd world war. no longer lives at home. With 70 years difference they set off on a big adventure to find their way back to their own present time exploring history and also the memories of their families.

When: 30th and 31st July 2020

Where: Place Du Grande Jardin, Vence.

La Parenthèse Nuits du Sud

An alternative to the classic Nuits du Sud is offered at the end of July, with musical numbers and concerts taking place around Vence and in various hotel gardens.

Book your tickets online as there is limited seating.

Masks are required! Hand Sanitiser supplied at the entrance.

Pique-Nique au Pays d’Escoffier

When: Wednesdays from the 15th of July to the 12th of August.

From 7 to 9 pm

Where: Place Du Grande Jardin, Vence.

Pique-Nique au Pays d’Escoffier

In a friendly environment, re-live life like the olden days, bring a picnic, and enjoy musical numbers on the edge of the river Loup like they did many years ago.

When: Everyday until end of 2021

Where: Musée Oceanographique, Monaco

Immersion » Exposition in Monaco

This brand new Exposition will give you goosebumps. Big screens to simulate a 30 minutes dive into the Great Coral Reef in Australia, and the incredible sound effects will definitely impress both you and your child. It will educate you on the impact of climate change and human behavior on the coral reef. Great way to sensibilise your children on environmental topics.

Facade du MusŽe ocŽanographique de Monaco

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