Summer Camps Directory – Cote D’Azur 2020

Cote D'Azur Summer Camps 2020

Enfants D'Azur has looked high and low to source and find the perfect summer options for the Kiddos 2020. It hasn't been easy at all!

While in-person camps are starting to open around the country, many camps have decided to go virtual, or at least have virtual options for summer 2020. 

We reached out to our clients, partners and local businesses, and the offerings from these awesome summer camp providers include performing and creative arts that will have your kids making, baking, acting, singing, dancing, crafting and much more, either in a safe environment following all the government's sanitation requirements, or online...

To learn even more about your options this summer, visit our Summer Camp Directory 2020 where each Summer Camp Offer is comprehensively detailed. To navigate there either click on the interactive Summer Camp offer you are interested in this blog or teleport directly to the Full Directory by clicking this link.

This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to add to it over the summer months so come back often to check for more new exciting summer camp options.

When: 27th to 30 July 2020

Where: Nice

This 3-day coding camp for 9 to 14-year-olds will be the preparation for a competition on the last day - The Robot Run.

The objective is to program your car, van, or monster truck, and win the race!

Throughout the course of the camp, children will first need to build their car, use SCRATCH to program their car, and create and build and decorate the course out of clay.

This summer camp is the perfect choice for teens curious about robotics and programming.

Contact Ecole Algora

Bubble Art themed summer camps are educational and fun.

Your child will enjoy playing music singing new songs and learning rhymes. They will learn English in their language classes. Thyy will make wonderful creations using their imaginations in arts and crafts;  gain confidence and teamwork in the drama sessions and get moving and have a ball learning dance, and even hip hop!

This summer Bubble Art has a limited number of children in each class in keeping with their strict security protocol.

Advanced booking is mandatory

Contact Bubble Art

Where: Nice-Monaco

At Brickz 4 Kidz, your children will play games around the famous LEGO bricks. Construct, invent, draw, and create! All these activities are centered around science, technology, architecture, and engineering. A way to spark an interest in STEM subjects with your children, Brickz 4 Kidz classes will help them build intellectual skills in a free and fun way! By working in small groups, their teamwork skills will be enhanced, and they will make new friends very quickly! Each week is centered around a different topic.

An activity fit for both birthdays, after-school classes, or summer camps, Brickz 4 Kidz is a unique opportunity for your child to develop useful skills for their future, especially for the new emerging careers such as robotics. Educational and fun? What more can a parent ask for? This popular summer camp is a great place to introduce your child to new hobbies while socializing and meeting other children with the same interests.

Contact Bricks 4 Kids

Where: Nice

Pottery is a new skill for your child to master! With the help of Magali, your child will be making beautiful pots in no time! This creative activity will stimulate your child’s imagination, and they will be able to learn how to make exactly what they want using Magali’s techniques. They will learn how to create the designs they want with clay and will have an initiation to the pottery tower. All these crafts will allow them to create their own bowls and pots that you can then display at home or gift to your loved ones. How delightful to see your children’s creations in your garden or around your house!

For this workshop, a blouse or apron will be useful, and your children will feel like real professionals!

Contact Atelier Magali Poterie

Where: Nice

Théâtre de l’Eau Vive:

These theatre workshops will allow your children to learn more about Nice's cultural heritage as well as the basics of theatre. They will help your child to express themselves through their facial expressions, their movements, and most importantly to use their voice to portray emotions.

These summer camps allow your children to develop their artistic side, whether it be in acting, decor, and props or even making posters. They have the opportunity to play in a theatre and will be introduced to what actors experience when they perform on stage.

At the end of each week, your children will perform what they have been working on to you and will impress you with their new theatrical skills.

The Théâtre de l'Eau Vive also offers activities for birthdays and even adult workshops!

Contact Théâtre de l'Eau Vive

Where: St Laurent Du Var

Team Bihoue's Summer Sports Camps offer an absolutely unique experience this summer.

During the school holidays, Team Bihoue is organising summer camps for all levels for children from the age of 4 years old. These summer camps combine fun and learning of different types of sports such as tennis, football, sailing and you can even combine sports with English language classes or a school study club to catch up with school work that may have been missed this school year.

The summer camp is managed by licensed and qualified teachers.

Due to the the large choice of summer camp combinations on offer at Team Bihoue, you are sure to find a summer camp that suits your child's interests and needs!

Contact Team Bihoue

Hap Ô Tempo is affiliated to the La Fédération française d'équitation (FFE).

The club specialises in horse riding lessons, from beginners to learning to Gallop.  The clubs is located in the heart of Villeneuve Loubet and surrounded by beauutiful nie countryside pastures.  It consists of a riding school and facilities to hold competitions and events.

This summer Hap Ô Tempo is offering horse riding summer camps, care of baby ponies, showjumping over obstacles (CSO) Equestrian vaulting, often described as gymnastics, and dance on horseback and a workshop leading up to the show at the end of the camp.

All levels welcome.

Contact Hap Ô Tempo

Let your children discover the unique world of horse riding! Enjoy horseback riding, build a bond with the horses and discover the love for riding, that's what your children will learn at Sun Equitation.

This camp will allow your child to enjoy the outdoors while having fun with the horses. To learn how to take care of them, the children will prepare the ponies by brushing, braiding and saddling them.  They will learn more about their food, riding equipment, the different breeds, etc. By perfecting their skills, the children have the opportunity to pass their Gallops in the club. Other activities during the camp are proposed such as painting, make-up, taking photos with the ponies, and many more.

Give your children the unique experience to bond with the beautiful creatures.


Contact SUN Équitation

Are your kids constantly asking questions about the sea? Sign them up at the Océano Club to give them a unique experience to explore marine life, it’s the perfect occasion to pique their interest, develop their thirst for knowledge and maybe even discover a new passion.

Feeding the turtles, collecting microscopic animals from the tanks, interviewing visitors, and drawing fish like biologists are only some of the many activities your child will enjoy during this fully immersed week. The kids will discover the marine world through fun games and activities, mainly through manipulation and observation. They will enjoy 5 full days with meals included to learn about marine life and possibly to make new friends!

Contact Oceano Club

The camps take place over the course of a week from Monday to Friday, morning, or afternoon, during the summer holidays.

These are 5 half-days of playful and technical navigation supplemented by appropriate theoretical explanations with the aim of becoming familiar with the marine world, knowing the basics of sailing and its vocabulary, learning, or revising technical knowledge and gaining autonomy.

The kids are divided into groups of 8 to 15 people depending on their level of practice, age, and activity.


Contact Ecole de Voile Cagnes sur Mer

Sailing courses are offered, starting from 5 years old as well as catamaran, optimist and laser courses. Courses are offered from Monday 29 June until the first week of September.

Discovery camp: optimist moussaillon (5/7 years) optimist (7/11 years) laser/catamaran (12 min), windsurfing (10 years min).

Perfection camp: Bug (8/12 years) catamarans with spi (12 min) Sailing board (10 min).5


Contact Menton Natutical Centre


The Yacht Club de Beaulieu organises weekly courses for all ages throughout the summer. Camps can be half-days or full days.  This activity is supervised by three state-certified instructors who ensure the safety of all. The Yacht Club de Beaulieu has a varied fleet that allows the initiation or development of sailing such as drifters, optimists, catamarans, kayaks, windsurfers, etc.

Contact Yacht Club de Beaulieu

During the summer holidays, the Yacht Club of Monaco offers sports weeks where water is at the center of activities. Open to children aged 6 to 15, the courses allow young people to discover water sports such as sailing, snorkeling, standup paddleboarding, speed boating, kayaking but also marine environment courses. They will have the opportunity to walk on the coastal trails and have courses with the Maritime Police. Children of 6-7 years old will also participate in a visit to the Oceanographic Museum.

Contact Yacht Club of Monaco

The Anglais Ludique 06 association has been active in La Gaude and Gattières since 2014 and organizes workshops and intensive English courses during school holidays. We aim to teach children aged 3 to 11 the English language through fun activities such as games, drama, mime, and song.

Contact: Anglais Ludique 06

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