Our Top 5 Online Fitness Classes

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Our Top 5 Online Fitness Classes

Sorry to break it to you, but there’s no excuse not to get some exercise in if you have a bit of space in your home.
By Gabrielle Labourier
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With the current lockdown in place in France for the second time this year, gyms, sports facilities and campuses are once again closed much to our disappointment. With shorter and colder days ahead, exercising outside isn’t enticing and can be tougher to schedule in. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite online fitness classes what you can do from home, no matter the time, weather, or restrictions in place. Sorry to break it to you, but there’s no excuse not to get some exercise in if you have a bit of space in your home. Keep reading to find a range of online fitness classes and home workouts.

Decathlon is offering online fitness classes with 7 different sports to choose from, including a program for kids! They have live sessions every day and are giving everyone 30 days free to try out their sessions! You can even schedule your classes on their website to make sure you don’t miss them. Sign up here now: https://eclub.decathlon.fr/#/

Équilibre Fitness is now offering unlimited online classes with a variety of workouts from boots camps to cardio and ballet. If you take a long membership, they’ll even send you some gear to workout with! With different classes every week, you’ll always find one that suits you and you’ll never have time to get bored. Sign up now: https://www.equilibre-fitness.fr

APA is offering online fitness classes all week long to help you keep your fitness goals on track and stay healthy during these uncertain times. Each session will target a different zone so you can choose what part you would rather train. Their classes also run on weekends so you can stay motivated. Sign up now: https://www.reseau-apa.fr/actualites/cours-gym-en-ligne/

Move Your Fit is a fitness YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of fitness classes, yoga, sports, and much more, all categorized in easy to navigate playlists. Pick a video or playlist that focuses on your target goals and enjoy a good workout from home! Sign up now: https://www.youtube.com/user/jalexica

Punch à la Maison is offering unlimited online fitness classes during lockdown as well as giving 15 days free to try for everyone. They post new classes each week, so you never get bored of doing the same exercises again. Punch classes can be streamed from any screen, big or small. Sign up now: https://punchalamaison.com


Having to stay indoors doesn’t mean giving up on our health or losing track of our fitness goals so why not get the whole family involved and make working out fun!

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